Which one are you: Rancho, Farhan, Rastogi or Chatur?

Which one are you: Rancho, Farhan, Rastogi or Chatur?

Take this quick quiz to find out what is the meaning of success for you in life and how you can relate it to the 3 Idiots Movie characters.

Which one are you?

Rancho, Farhan, Rastogi or Chatur? 😉

Check it out now!

What excites you the most?

What kind of life would you prefer?

What is the biggest ingredient to Success?

What do you fear about?

What does success mean to you as per 3 Idiots Movie characters?

For you, success means following your passion and using your potential fully. Name, fame, and money are secondary for you. You are always hungry for knowledge because you believe that it's the key to success. You never give up to challenges in life, rather you learn from them and become better.

For you, success means to live a peaceful life even if it means not earning huge amount of money. You believe that hard work is necessary to succeed. You value your passion and you strive to balance it by maintaining good relationship with your loved ones.

For you, success means living a settled life that is financially secured and devoid of challenges. You believe that one needs luck and destiny to succeed in life. You tend to play safe.
Chatur 'The Silencer'

For you, success means having lots of money and fame. You believe that if you know the right secrets, you can succeed in life. You always fear of not getting recognition for your work and you never want to be left behind.

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