Our Team

Keshav Sharma

Keshav Sharma, Founder and Chief Editor at Selfhelpingo.com (previously selfhelpiness.com)

Amazon Best-Selling Author of Rewire for Massive Success Book, Life Coach, Blogger, and Speaker with a decade of experience in IT, Business Research, Consulting, Marketing, Training and Customer Services.

A Passionate Speaker, an Ardent Meditation Practitioner and an Explorer of Human Behaviour and Psychology. Already helped numerous people through workshops at corporate setting and Tata Strive Skill Development Centre.

After learning it hard way through professional, personal and emotional challenges early in life, he is on a mission to help millions Rewire their lives for Massive Success through talks, seminars, workshops, and personal coaching.

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Deeksha Saini, Contributor

Deeksha Saini is a trained Counselling Psychologist and has been practicing counselling for over 5 years. Her rich educational background, with dual specializations – Psychology and Social Work with Children and Families, has provided her immense experiences in the field. She has extensive experience of working with children and young adolescents.

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Nick Campanella, Contributor

Nick graduated from Queens College with an MFA in Creative Writing. He is a writer for GetCRM who focuses on CRM news and trends while putting a unique spin on omnichannel, customer support, marketing strategies, and the sales funnel.

Jordon Simmons, Contributor

Jordon is a blogger and an advocate for healthy minds and healthy lives. After surviving a suicide attempt, he began writing his first book, Cope with Crisis, to help those struggling with depression and self esteem issues find hope inside their lives. Blog: www.healthyalive.org