[5 Easy Tips] How To Stop Overthinking And Worrying 2024

Do you know, overthinking leads to stress and anxiety? #2 technique on how to stop overthinking is an eye opener, by Trained Psychologist.

Techniques For How To Stop Overthinking And Worrying

The important questions about overthinking most of us are trying to answer or waiting for an answer are

How to stop overthinking about someone?
How to stop overthinking about future?
How to stop overthinking at night?
How to stop overthinking while sleeping?
How to stop overthinking in a relationship?
How to stop overthinking about a girl?
How can I stop overthinking about my boyfriend?

Da…. da…da…

How can I stop overthinking so much about almost everything in life?

Aren’t we?

Well, the easiest answer will be – JUST DON’T OVERTHINK. 

But I’ll sound stupid if I say so and you know why.

One thing is clear, the answer is not as simple as it may seem to be. And execution is even more complex. Most of us have been there at some point in life, or maybe you are going through it right now. But no more!

Let’s dive into the world of overthinking to find solutions to this long-lived problem “How to reduce overthinking and anxiety or stress related to it”.

What is Overthinking And How To Deal With Overthinking?

The bookish definition of overthinking is ‘to think about something too much or for too long’

The world is struggling at the hands of it in many ways.

Boss or colleagues at the workplace said something…you start to overthink about it…

Your boyfriend or girlfriend didn’t respond to your message within 5 minutes…you overthink about it… 

You spent a wonderful night with friends, but now you are overthinking everything said and discussed… 

You overthink about someone…

You overthink about your kids… 

You overthink about your job… 

You overthink about the future… 

You overthink about almost everything… 

But, why?

Some wiring issues in the brain, especially in the brain of an introvert. 

Some find relief in overthinking, but for many it just gets worse.

There are many reasons for overthinking and that’s why it is often said Overthinking is such a silent killer.

Overthinking leads to over-evaluation of the situation and thus causing unnecessary negative thoughts and interpretation of the situation.

The solutions to the problem may sound too simple. But, these are not so simple to practice in real life. 

Let’s see what I am really talking about.

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Technique #1 On How To Stop Overthinking And Negative Thoughts – Talk It Out

Overthinking is over-analysing something to make meaning out of it. Mostly, negative meaning out of it.

No one ever tells you that overthinking actually means to find something negative in everything, just because – how can everything be fine in my life. So, only when you find something seriously negative in a situation, only then you actually stop thinking further.

Overthinking and negative thoughts are interlinked.

Talk and not think.

So, the next time when you are stuck in the spiral of overthinking and wondering how can I stop overthinking so much and worrying, instead of mentally evaluating a situation, person, your statements, etc etc etc…. 

Find a friend or someone trustworthy to talk about it. Vent out your thoughts and worry. Let others give you a different perspective.

The purpose of talking will not be validation of your negative thoughts. Instead, to check on them.

In the majority of cases, reality is not what your brain wants to think.

Having a loyal friend is indispensable.

Stay introverted, but make quality friends. You’ll need them more than you think.

Also, be such a friend to someone else and listen to them.

And if you don’t have such a friend, read on the next point. 

Technique #2 On How To Stop Overthinking At Night Or While Studying – Journal Your Thoughts And Worry

Don’t worry if you don’t have a friend to talk to.



Write and reflect

Write down your thoughts – uncensored!

Once you are done! Take a break.

Sleep over them, let a few hours pass by. Longer the wait, better the results.

Trust me, the world is not going to burn down if you don’t overthink about something instantly. Your mind may say so, but it is lying. Don’t listen to it.

Now, read what you’ve written. When you let some time pass, the immediate effect of the situation is gone. The latent effect is not as strong as the immediate effect.

When you think or reflect on something in that latent phase, it makes more sense – sensible sense!

You are reducing your chances of negatively evaluating a situation and getting stuck in an inescapable spiral of thoughts.

That’s what you really want.

Now, please don’t complain about a lot of work and that you don’t have so much time, you are busy! Just check the amount of time you would otherwise spend overthinking.

You’ll surely spend less time in writing and reviewing – plus, you are doing yourself a favor as well.

You can thank me later.

Technique #3 On How To Stop Overthinking And Relax – Witness Your Thoughts

This is a very powerful technique, which will take time to master. So, you can practice it along with other techniques.

Be a  witness to your thoughts.

Every time you are overthinking about something or the other, take a pause and witness your thoughts like a third person, as if you are watching two of your friends talking to each other.

Consider, these are not YOUR thoughts and just witness them as an audience. 

You may laugh at yourself. You’ll wonder what you are even thinking because that really never happened.

It’ll take some time and a little practice. But once you get a hang of this technique, you can literally stop overthinking and relax.

Technique #4 On How To Stop Overthinking About Future – Stay Busy

There are many moments when you overthink about something that might happen or not in future. You get so occupied by those thoughts, that you screw up your present.

The best way to deal with it is to manage your present. Be in the moment.

And how can you do that?

Stay busy 

I am sure we all are already leading a very busy life. Aren’t we?

Then, why are you giving your mind your precious time to overthink?

When your friends make plans for a Goa trip, you are so busy.

But when you want to overthink, you have all the time in your busy schedule.

Check your choices. I am sure that a trip with your friend, or dinner with your parents, or a date with your partner is more lucrative than over-thinking.

Isn’t it?

Technique #5 On How To Just Stop Overthinking – Be Informed Of The Health Consequences Of Overthinking

Overthinking may sound like a natural response to a situation. But, it is not. Because, it is not healthy.

It is simply your brain’s ways of pulling you in the negative direction.

Be aware that every negative thought has some chemical response in your body.


Why does a person’s BP shoot up when he is agitated?

Thoughts have some bodily reactions.

Physiological reaction of overthinking may not be as apparent as high BP or rapid heart rate, but slow killers are even worse. That’s why, very often it is called, overthinking is a slow killer also.

You skip excess oil, sweets, just because the excess of these things is not healthy.

So, why not the habit of overthinking. 

Conclusion – How To Stop Overthinking

Dear ones, these solutions may sound very simple. 

But they are really not so simple to follow. Your mind will pull you in the wrong direction every time you’ll try to stop yourself from overthinking. 

But, begin! 

Steps towards reducing overthinking is also a healthier option one should not shy away from. 

Trust me, even a small step will make a huge difference in the long run.

I am all ears to listen to what you feel. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section.

Or if you have any other techniques on how to stop overthinking, please do share that as well. It will be helpful to other fellow readers.

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