111 Best Quotes About Teachers And Mentors In 2024

Express your gratitude and heart felt feelings through best quotes about Teachers and Mentors in your life, do not wait for the Teachers Day.

Quotes About Teachers And Mentors

Teachers and Mentors are someone who not just help us grow in life through their mentorship and leadership but also help in carving our character and attitude for life. No matter what is your age, you’ll always need someone as your Teacher, Mentor or Guru.

He or she might not always be your school or college teacher. He or she could be your friend, a family member or a complete stranger. Sometimes, even an animal or a non-living thing can teach you some of the greatest lessons of life.

Situations and challenges are also great teachers and mentors in your life.

All we need is to be a student, a disciple or a pupil with a deep desire to learn and improve. Then you can find a teacher or mentor everywhere.

In order to appreciate such Teachers, Mentors and Gurus, I am sharing with you some amazing, inspiring and motivational quotes about Teachers and Mentors in English.

Feel free to share these inspiring mentor quotes with someone who has helped you become what you are today. Express your gratitude and heart felt feelings through these quotes about Teachers and Mentors on the upcoming Teachers Day.

Here you go!

quotes about teachers and mentors

Quotes About Teaching (And Mentorship)

1. “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”― Margaret Mead

2. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”― Benjamin Franklin

3. “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”― Robert Frost

4. “Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.”― E.M. Forster

5. “No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.”― Peter Drucker

6. “Every beginner possesses a great potential to be an expert in his or her chosen field.”― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Famous Quotes About Teachers And Mentors

7. “I Never Teach My Pupils. I Only Attempt To Provide The Conditions In Which They Can Learn.”—Albert Einstein

8. “Better Than A Thousand Days Of Diligent Study Is One Day With A Great Teacher.”—Japanese Proverb

9. “What We Learn With Pleasure We Never Forget.”—Alfred Mercier

10. “The Beautiful Thing About Learning Is That No One Can Take It Away From You.”—B.B. King

11. “Anyone Who Does Anything To Help A Child In His Life Is A Hero To Me.”—Fred Rogers

12. “To Teach Is To Learn Twice Over.”—Joseph Joubert

Quotes About Teachers From Students

13. “A good teacher who can take the zero pay and help kids develop physically, emotionally, socially, is literally an angel.” – Eva Amurri

14. “So what does a good teacher do? Create tension – but just the right amount.” – Donald Norman

15. “What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.” (George Bernard Shaw)

16. “Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.” – Bob Talbert

17. “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” – Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Estrada

Quotes About Good Teachers And Mentors

18. “The duties of a teacher are neither few nor small, but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character.” — Dorothea Dix

19. “If a man is to shed the light of the sun upon other men, he must first of all have it within himself.” ― Romain Rolland

20. “The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves.” ― Joseph Campbell

21. “The man (or woman) who can make hard things easy is the educator.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

22. ”Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

Quotes About Teachers And Mentors Who Inspire

23. “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.” – Chinese Proverb

24. “What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul.” – Joseph Addison

25. “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” – Confucius

26. “If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.” – Jim Rohn

27. “Every child deserves a champion—an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” – Rita Pierson

Quotes About Teachers And Mentors Appreciation

28. “Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around.” – Helen Peters

29. “The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in good education.” – Plutarch

30. “Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained.” – James A. Garfield

31. “A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.” – Patricia Neal

32. “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” – Bumper Sticker

quotes about mentors in your life

Quotes About Teachers And Students

33. “Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.” – Claus Moser

34. “Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and diligence.” – Abigail Adams

35. “He, who opens a school door, closes a prison.” – Victor Hugo

36. “Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.” – Ernest Dimnet

37. “Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.” – Edward Everett

38. “Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age?” – Erich Fromm

Quotes About Teachers And Mentors Changing Lives

39. “We are what we believe we are.” — C.S. Lewis

40. “How wonderful it is that we need not wait a single moment before starting to change the world.” — Anne Frank

41. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas Edison

42. “Dream big, work hard, stay humble.” — Brad Meltzer

43. “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” — Rumi

44. “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” — H.G. Wells

Quotes On Teacher Student Relationship

45. “They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don’t know it.” — Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

46. “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.“ — Albert Einstein “

47. “The teacher is the one who gets the most out of the lessons, and the true teacher is the learner.“ — Elbert Hubbard

48. “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher.“ — Temple Grandin

49. “I put the relation of a fine teacher to a student just below the relation of a mother to a son.” — Thomas Wolfe

50. “My teacher gave me the best gift of all: Believing in me!” – Heidi McDonald

You Are The Best Teacher Quotes

51. “If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes.” — Guy Kawasaki

52. “To stimulate life, leaving it then free to develop, to unfold, herein lies the first task of the teacher.” — Maria Montessori

53. “Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.” — Josef Albers

54. “A mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

55. “The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.” — Maria Montessori

56. “Be a wonderful role model because you will be the window through which many children will see their future.” — Thomas Mckinnon

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Quotes For Teachers And Mentors From Students

57. “The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” – C. S. Lewis

58. “The man or woman who can make hard things easy is the educator.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

59. “Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.” – Haim Ginott

60. “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” – Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Estrada

61. “A gifted teacher is not only prepared to meet the needs of today’s child, but is also prepared to foresee the hopes and dreams in every child’s future.” – Robert John Meehan

62. “A teacher has two jobs; fill young minds with knowledge, yes, but more important, give those minds a compass so that that knowledge doesn’t go to waste.” – Mr. Holland’s Opus

Quotes About Importance Of Teachers And Mentors

63. “Your role as a leader is even more important than you might imagine. You have the power to help people become winners.” ― Ken Blanchard

64. “Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher that will be the biggest honour for me” — A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

65. “The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching” — Aristotle

66. “If we are truly effective teachers, then we are creating autonomous, independent, and self directed learners, not just successful test takers.” — Robert John Meehan

67. “A great teacher who is full of excitement and love for her students can make all the difference in their lives.” — Deval Patrick

68. “The job of an educator is to teach students to see the vitality in themselves.” — Joseph Campbell

Quotes About Teachers And Education

69. “In an effective classroom, students should not only know what they are doing, they should also know why and how.” ― Harry Wong

70. “The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught as that every child should be given the wish to learn.” ― John Lubbock

71. “The teacher’s task is to initiate the learning process and then get out of the way.” ― John Warren

72. “The greatest use of a life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” ― William James

73. “Teachers are people who start things they never see finished, and for which they never get thanks until it is too late.” ― Max Forman

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Quotes About Excellent Teachers And Mentors

74. “A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.” — Ever Garrison

75. “A teacher is never too smart to learn from his pupils.” — Bill Bowerman

76. “A teacher’s job is to take a bunch of live wires and see that they are well-grounded.” — D. Martin

77. “Being a new teacher is like trying to fly a plane while building it.” — Rick Smith

78. “I touch the future. I teach.” — Christa McAuliffe

Quotes About Teachers And Mentors By Famous Authors

79. “Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.” — Plato

80. The teacher gives not of his wisdom, but rather of his faith and lovingness.” — Khalil Gibran

81. “In the education of children there is nothing like alluring the interest and affection, otherwise you only make so many asses laden with books.” — Michel de Montaigne

82. “To be good is noble, but to teach others how to be good is nobler and less trouble.” — Mark Twain

83. “There is no real teacher who in practice does not believe in the existence of the soul, or in a magic that acts on it through speech.” — Allan Bloom

Quotes About Great Teachers Inspiration

84. “The only way to be a master is to know the previous masters!”― Mehmet Murat ildan

85. “Teaching is leaving a vestige of one self in the development of another. And surely the student is a bank where you can deposit your most precious treasures.” — Eugene P. Bertin

86. “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” — John Dewey

87. “It is not what is poured into a student that counts but what is planted.” — Linda Conway

88. “The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity.” — Robert Brault

Quotes About Teachers And Mentors Making A Difference

89. “Teach the children so it will not be necessary to teach the adults.” — Abraham Lincoln

90. “It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” — Tom Brokaw

91. “None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody – a parent, a teacher, an Ivy League crony or a few nuns – bent down and helped us pick up our boots.” — Thurgood Marshall

92. “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” — Carl Jung

93. “The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate “apparently ordinary” people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people.” — K. Patricia Cross

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Quotes About Teachers And Mentors Making An Impact On Students

94. “Teachers teach because they care. Teaching young people is what they do best. It requires long hours, patience, and care.” — Horace Mann

95. “If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for a hundred years, teach the people. When you sow a seed once, you will reap a single harvest. When you teach the people, you will reap a hundred harvests.” — Kuan Chung

96. “There is an old saying that the course of civilization is a race between catastrophe and education. In a democracy such as ours, we must make sure that education wins the race.” — John F. Kennedy

97. “Information is the currency of democracy.” — Ralph Nader

98. “Whoever first coined the phrase ‘you’re the wind beneath my wings’ most assuredly was reflecting on the sublime influence of a very special teacher.” — Frank Trujillo

99. “In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something less.” — Lee Iacocca

Quotes About Teachers And Mentors Sacrifice

100. “Be a reflective teacher. Honestly look at what you do from time to time. Evaluate the purpose of your role as a teacher.”- Robert John Meehan

101. “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.”- Aristotle

102.”The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.” – Robert John Meehan

103. “Teach with a renewed appreciation of its consequences and you will never cease to realize the infinite possibilities within your reach.” – Robert John Meehan

104. “Although most would only see our students as an ocean of small faces, as teachers we see them as the waves that propel us.” – Robert John Meehan

105. “Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding.” – William Arthur Ward

106. “As a teacher you have to be committed to learning for a lifetime first before you can lead your students down that path.” – Robert John Meehan

Quotes About Teachers And Mentors Who Care

107. “Students love to imagine, explore, build, and create. As a teacher, we create opportunities for them to bring their imaginations to life.” – Ms. Semana

108. “All students are creative, and deserve the ability to let that creativity flourish in all its elemental beauty.” – Mr. Edwards

109. “Educators are preparing students for a world of technology that doesn’t even exist yet.” – Mrs. Neidhardt

110. “Igniting a passion for learning at a young age will stick with these students forever.” – Mr. Schafer

111.“I want my students to be as excited to learn as I am to teach them.” – Mrs. Rivera

I hope you liked these quotes about teachers and mentors.

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