The Dark Truth About Self Help Books And Self Improvement Industry

When you read self help books or motivational books, you start to feel good about yourself that you have learned something new (theoretically). It happens because of Dopamine release. The more you feel good, the more you crave for it.

Then, you read more such books, more Dopamine is released, you feel good again. And the cycle goes on. Over the years, you become addicted to self help and motivational books.

Yes! It is an ADDICTION.

You just gather knowledge and feel good about yourself that you have spent your time on something more productive.

But in reality, you have actually DONE NOTHING!

Do you know that Self Help Industry is worth Billions of Dollars? When so much money is involved, you must be careful and proceed with caution.

Self help books are sold to you on the promise that it is going to solve your life’s problems. Some of them even claim to have helped thousands of people. And it makes you go for it, spend hard earned money to buy such books again and again.

I am not against self help books. In fact I have learned so many things from such books and made my life better.

Some of the authors put their real life’s experience, years of hard work, extensive research and amazing insights. But not all authors are like this. Majority of the authors write books just to satisfy your craving to feel good and earn money out of it.

You should be careful when you choose a book to read.

When you just focus on gathering information or knowledge from such books, you are not actually growing. Virtually you might feel that you know so much. But that’s nothing in real life.

Don’t read self help books because someone told you or it looks cool when you brag about it that you have read n number of books.

That way, you are only going to become dumb and dumber over the years with nothing in your hands actually.

It is just like watching a documentary, a movie, or a web series with no purpose in mind.

Only a fraction of people actually implement what they learn from self help books. And you will notice that they will never brag about how many books they have read because they don’t need to prove it by telling. They prove it through their character, attitude and real shit/work.

Now you might ask what to do then?

Remember, that you have limited time.

Don’t just waste on whatever comes your way through advertisements or references.

Follow 3 basic steps:

  1. Read only specific books relevant for the challenges or problems you are facing in your life. Or related to particular skills you want develop.
  2. Check authenticity of the author. Whether he has actually worked on what he is try to teach you.
  3. Take action and evaluate. Information or knowledge is of no user if you don’t put it into action. Implement what you have learnt from books and evaluate whether it is actually adding value in your life and is it worth?

This way you might read less self help books but those will actually solve your problems and make you a better person over the period of time.

Remember this thing, knowledge is of no use if you don’t or can’t implement in real life scenarios. Otherwise you are just wasting your money and time, and you are fooling yourself.

You can watch this detailed video in Hindi given in the beginning.


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