5 Reasons Why Overthinking Is Such A Silent Killer

Do you know why overthinking is killing you every day? Overthinking is such a silent killer that it may become the next pandemic. Read on…

Why Overthinking Is Such A Silent Killer and How To Stop Overthinking?

Overthinking – another name for anxiety, stress, depression. Yes! All are co-related, one causes the other. What overthinking can do to a person is a much greater harm than just hampering one’s daily functioning or deflating performance on a task. Covid 19 has triggered not just the viral pandemic, but also greater and chronic harm which the world will continue to deal with in the future.

‘What if I lose my loved ones?’
‘What if my parents don’t support my dreams?’
‘What if my parents don’t like my girlfriend or boyfriend?
‘What if my girlfriend cheated on me?’’
‘What happens if I fail in life?’
‘I don’t have friends’
‘What if I lose my job?’
‘I don’t have enough money to incur any unexpected expenditure.’
‘I am still scared to send my kids to school.’
‘Is economic crisis a reality not so far away?’
‘What if no one cares about me?’

So on and so forth. What are these? Thoughts!

When they continue in your head day and night – you are overthinking.

We all are! The degree of its impact varies from person to person. Some have social support to vent out the worry, some have a strong financial background to not let these thoughts dampen the spirit. On the other hand, some have already lost everything and they have nothing else to worry about.

Even though one’s situation or tendency to overthink may differ, no one is spared from its evil effects.

If you do not realise the effects of overthinking then let me share with you.

Overthinking kills your happiness and is one of the biggest cause of unhappiness.

Overthinking is injurious to health and can kill you, slowly and silently. That’s why it is often said that overthinking is such a silent killer.

In fact, overthinking can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, headache. OCD, panic attack. Basically, overthinking makes things worse.

Soon, it’ll be officially called a ‘silent killer’ like depression. And who knows, may be the NEXT PANDEMIC!

There are multiple causes underlying depression, anxiety and stress. Overthinking can either be the cause or effect for the same. Overthinking is basically a result of the knots of the negative emotions one is suffering from over a period of time, knowingly or unknowingly.

Is it too much to call it a silent killer?

Rather, it may be an understatement!

Oops! Shocking? Not really!

Think of someone around you who doesn’t overthink, especially after the pandemic.

I bet you won’t be able to think of more than 2 names. Could you?

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Reason #1 Silent Killer – Overthinking Is Friends With Other Silent And Slow Killers

Overthinking Is Such A Silent Killer

The overdose of any medicine can be fatal, so is thinking too much. But how?

As stated already, overthinking has a cause and effect relationship with some of the silent and slow killers – anxiety, depression and stress. Even kids as young as 7 years suffer from depression and stress.

Who all in your social circle are already taking consultations for these. You too may be eagerly waiting to get a break from work and travel somewhere, an escape from our stressful life.

If we have such a close-knit relationship with these silent killers, then no wonder why overthinking is such a silent killer.

Reason #2 Silent Killer – Rapid Breathing, Increased Heart Rate And High Blood Pressure, All Hand-In-Hand

overthinking can kill you

It’s no surprise that we tend to breathe at a faster pace while overthinking. Rapid breathing is also a characteristic of various psychological and physical conditions.

Breath is linked directly to heart rate and blood pressure. So, anything affecting the heart or fluctuating the blood pressure, is undoubtedly a potential (silent and slow) killer.

That’s the reason overthinking is such a silent killer.

Reason #3 Silent Killer – Overthinking Is An Addiction

Overthinking Is An Addiction

Don’t be alarmed if I say overthinking is addictive.

Overthinking spurs an arena of negative emotions, even if there is really nothing to worry about.

Unnecessary and chronic worry triggers depressive conditions and thus leads to dependence on addictive substances – alcohol, cigarettes, drugs.

No further explanation required regarding the health hazards of substance dependence and abuse.

Reason #4 Silent Killer – Overthinking Kills Your Happiness And Performance

Overthinking Kills Your Happiness And Performance

Can overthinking hamper an individual’s capability to think effectively and work efficiently?

Can overthinking kill your performance at work?

No wonder, it can! These abilities are directly linked with the financial situation and status of an individual.

The world has seen the dire consequences of economic fallout during the lockdowns in the past 2 years. Is the economic worry not killing you from inside?

And ultimately it impacts your happiness. And there is nothing wrong in saying that overthinking kills your happiness and is such a silent killer, that you can hardly notice.

Reason #5 Silent Killer – Overthinking Can Destroy Your Life

overthinking can destroy your life

With the invasion of social media deep into our lives, children as young as 5 years are conscious about their appearance. They think through every meticulous detail of their look while dressing up for something.

Worry! So much worry!

Something that starts impacting humans at such an early stage, will deepen its effect as the age progresses and becomes part of them. Overthinking may sound natural and normal to human beings, but it is clearly not.

Not just that, eventually overthinking can silently destroy your life.

There is a social angle to this health hazard and it is ingrained in our daily lives. We live to post on social media, we overthink every single detail of the picture we post. This worry is becoming our nature, when it is not. Getting rid of it is no option in today’s digitally active world. This constant worry is killing us from within.

How To Stop Overthinking And Anxiety?

how to stop overthinking

By now, you must have understood why overthinking is such a silent killer.

Having said all this, there is no one concrete solution to overthinking. If there is, it will miraculously cure a long list of psychological and physiological conditions.

I would like to conclude the article with a request – Just be kind to each other. We all are going through something or the other. Happiness is not one person’s achievement, it is a global necessity. Let’s make living easier, if not any more difficult, for our fellow mates.

Thank you!