How to be Yourself No Matter Where You Are?

How to be Yourself No Matter Where You Are

Looking over your shoulder is a common tactic for making sure you’re safe, but what about when you’re performing day to day actions? What about a situation when you’re in the spotlight?

The hesitation is real.

They’ll laugh. They’ll point you out when this is all over, and you’ll be branded for life.

Or maybe, you’ll be the life of the party. You’ll make some friends, some even lifelong, and that cutie you’ve been eyeballing this whole time.

But how will you work up the courage to put yourself out there and be yourself? That hesitation you feel is your fear, and it’s going to take some time to pinpoint why it’s there.

1. Pin-point Your Fear

How to be Yourself No Matter Where You Are?

So what is the thing actually holding you back? If you’re in a situation when you’re in the main spotlight, is it what they’ll say after? Sometimes our fears aren’t something we can touch, they’re just made up scenarios that our brain counts as triggers.

When our brain is slammed with a trigger, we may think back to a previous situation where something went wrong. But just because it went wrong then, doesn’t mean it will go that same way again.

In situations like this, it’s important than to think about what is more important, being yourself and being proud in the moment of what you’re doing, or the approval of others?

When the doors close, all there is YOU. Better to be yourself so you know who your real friends are from the beginning than to have to fake for a lifetime.

2. Defining Who it is You Really Are

How to be Yourself No Matter Where You Are?

So now that you’ve chosen yourself (YES!) As the person you’re going to please, I’m sure you’re wondering what makes you, YOU? If you already know, that’s great, move on to the flaws. But hear me out first.

What makes [insert name here] tick?

Maybe you’re into sports and you’re very outward about it. You’re always watching the big game, and sometimes you even go out and play with the big boys.

Or maybe you’re a theater nerd.

Maybe you still collect Pez dispensers.

Or you’re a little on the older side and you still love children’s movies.

All of these are things that make you up as a person. Our hobbies can influence us in the way we make decisions or think about things.

Creative spirits are known to be more open to change, or to even go with the flow.

Logical spirits believe in reasoning when it comes to problem solving and getting to the root of the conflict.

Our values, or our principles of behavior, also influence who we are.

This can be our religion, being honest, or practicing frugality.

It’s important to know all of these things before moving into the spotlight because you don’t want to lose who YOU truly are. Don’t try to fit in for the sake of fitting in. There is already someone out there that you’re trying to be like, and you’re unique in your own way.

There are people who will like you for you.

3. Accepting Your Flaws

How to be Yourself No Matter Where You Are?

A flaw may or may not be something that you aspire to change. Whether life long or a habit just developed, in the moment, it’s important to know your flaws, and accept them.

There are two types of flaws…
…ones you can change,
…and ones you generally can’t.

For instance, being shy may be something you consider a flaw. You’d like to get out there, but your inner introvert is keeping you glued to your seat.

In this scenario, being shy could mean you’re not open to any and everybody, and that’s okay. It could be an ice breaker, and you could even put it into a joke. Chances are, you may meet someone else who is shy as well!

If you see you being on the taller side as a flaw, this would be something you can’t change. Instead of trying to bury it, enhance it! Wear clothing you find stylish, and stand up a little straighter.

Confidence is contagious.

Being more in tune with yourself means accepting your flaws — whether you’re in the process of changing a habit or not, they are a part of you.

4. Embracing Your Strengths

These are what you’re proud of. These are the things that come easily to you that you don’t think about. And when someone asks you about them, you stare at them, head turned to the side, and then realize that, NO! Everyone doesn’t know how to do that.

These strengths you can use to propel you forward and give you that extra confidence boost to be yourself. Hold your head up high and use them to your advantage.

Here are a list of common strengths:

Open Minded

5. Living In The Moment

The last important part of this is to live in the moment. You now know who you are, you’ve accepted your flaws and strengths, and it’s the big moment. You’ve got to get up in front of everyone, give a speech, or maybe even it’s your turn to speak.

But you’ve got your secret weapons handy. You’ve chosen acceptance. You’re going to laugh when it may not be funny, and you’re going to point out the missing link that everyone forgot.

Tell them that…
…No! You haven’t seen that movie or web series.

…Yes! You’d love to do that (against unpopular opinions).

What’s the hardest part about being YOU? Let me know in the comments.